Welcome to SigEp

The Utah Alpha chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon is located at Utah State University.  We take pride in building strong character out of our brothers. By implementing the Balanced Man Program, and recruiting year-round, our fraternity has been a success for many years by stressing the importance of academics, athletics, volunteering, leadership, and being gentleman. On behalf of all the brothers at the USU chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon, we welcome you to our fraternity website and hope you find it helpful in understanding our organization and values.

The Founding of Sigma Phi Epsilon
"This Fraternity will be different; it will be based on the love of God and the principle of peace through brotherhood," said founding brother Carter Ashton Jenkens when asked by faculty why a new fraternity should be created. On November 1, 1901 in Richmond Virginia, 12 founders started what is now Sigma Phi Epsilon. The charter states that its purpose shall be to intensify and perpetuate friendship and promote happiness among its members, to encourage literature and education, and to create such sentiments, mold such opinions, and perform such deeds as shall conduce to the building of a noble and pure manhood.

Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love are the cardinal principles of Sigma Phi Epsilon and represent the Fraternity's core values. Pursuit of the Balanced Man Ideal of Sound Mind and Sound Body is the Fraternity's practice.

SigEp Today
Sigma Phi Epsilon is uniquely positioned among American college fraternities to build the lives of not only its proud brothers, but also the communities in which they live and work. By helping to build balanced leaders of character and clear values, SigEp will greatly impact our world.

Building Balanced Leaders

Why Join SigEp?

SigEp has the most undergraduates of any national fraternity,* with over 15,000 members spread across 240 chapters. A SigEp is never without a friend or a brother no matter where he travels.

SigEps have achieved a fraternity-wide GPA of 3.0 or higher since spring 2006. SigEp offers a large and highly talented pool of men who can help teach others to learn and advance in their life and career.

With one of the nation's strongest fraternity member development programs and the commitment of our alumni and volunteers, SigEp provides a highly regarded college experience based on the Balanced Man Ideal.

*2009 Fraternity Executives Association Survey